About the Program

What is Kids Bike Day? A bicycle skills event which provides an opportunity for kids to practice and develop skills that will help them to become better bicyclists and avoid typical crashes while having lots of fun with their friends.

Why should I come? This event is free and will include games, fun activities, free stuff, prizes, raffles, and goodie-bags.

Please bring: children ages 4 - 11 years old with a bike (also fun for a scooter, trike, or skateboard) and a helmet.

Organized by: Tradewinds Racing, a local women’s team of developmental and elite cyclists.

When is the next one? Check back, our next event is being planned and we will post the date and location soon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Great day today, thanks for coming out!

Special thanks to Ryan the balloon guy for the donation of super cool balloons, the kids loved them!

I know a lot of the kids went straight over to Yotini's for frozen yogurt, too, thanks to them for the donation! 

Cape Henry students were great volunteers, they worked for hours to help with the event!! In Motion donated bags for the goodies and also water bottles for the little riders, thanks!

We will be raffling off some great prizes, thank to Bike Beat, Studio Bamboo, and Primo Pizza for donations

Bike Beat mechanics are so awesome, Aaron was there on his day off to do safety inspections for the kids!!

Courthouse McDonald's gave every participant a free desert, and the choices are pretty awesome now. 

Special thanks to Cape Henry Collegiate for sponsoring the event and helping with many details including location!  

And of course a big thanks to the mom's who came out in the heat to let their little one's participate! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

This year's bike rodeo is on!

Why is this bike rodeo so important? According to Cornell University there are a lot of reasons...

Did you know... the three big causes of car/bike crashes for kids are:
• Riding out of a driveway without stopping
• Failing to stop for stop signs
• Suddenly swerving without looking back

Kids are different from adults, specifically, children:
·  Have a narrower field of vision than adults, about 1/3 less.
·  Cannot easily judge a car's speed and distance.
·  Assume that if they can see a car, its driver must be able
to see them.  However, children are easily hidden from
view by parked cars and other objects.
·  Cannot readily tell the direction a sound is coming from.
·  May be impatient and impulsive.
·  Concentrate on only one thing at a time. This is likely not
to be traffic.
·  Have a limited sense of danger.
·  Often mix fantasy with reality.
·  Imitate the (often bad) behavior of others, especially older
children and adults.
·  Are concrete (versus abstract) thinkers and do not
extrapolate well from one situation to another.